Instagram Marketing - How To Go From 0 To 10K A Month!


Running a successful business, dropshipping or traditional, is all about promoting it through the proper channels. To put it another way, you must operate a successful social media marketing campaign. And no social media marketing campaign can be considered complete without Instagram marketing.

To go from zero to ten thousand dollars in a month on Instagram, you'll need to employ the best techniques, make wise investments, and have a general understanding of the platform's marketing potential. The entire procedure revolves around making the right decisions based on your analytics (aka data).

As the world of Instagram becomes more competitive and crowded with every passing hour, it is quite easy to get lost without proper guidance. However, understanding the platform can make things easy and simple for you.


The Business Potential Of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most important pillars of social media marketing. Be that a dropshipping business or building an inventory on hand brand from scratch, you will need to understand the marketing potential of Instagram to make your mark. 


A Billion Users

According to current statistics, over one billion internet users are active on Instagram. Half of these users visit the platform daily.

So, as you can see, when your business is on Instagram, it is exposed to a wide range of audiences. Create the right strategy and you will definitely find success. 


People Of All Ages

In the past, Instagram was mainly a platform for young people. It has come a long way since then. People of every age are using Instagram now. As a result, you can promote a greater variety of products on the platform.

At the moment, 32% of Instagram users are between the ages of 25 and 34. Along with them, 18% of the audience is between the ages of 35 and 44. Moreover, people aged between 45 to 54 make up about eleven percent of the Instagram population.


Greater Customer Engagement 

Many people believe that Instagram is only for gorgeous models to post their stunning images. While attractive models are undoubtedly one of the major attractions of this site, there are other reasons for people to be there.

According to statistics, around ninety percent of Instagram users regularly follow different businesses. Two out of three visits to a business profile are from users who are not even followers of that profile!

A Facebook post receives 0.09 percent of the median engagement, according to a social media user-engagement study. Meanwhile, a brand can get 1.60 percent of median engagement when they have that post on Instagram.


Branding Through Story-telling

Besides the numbers, the nature of the platform also makes it ideal for branding a business. Branding is mostly telling the story of your business.

And Instagram is a place where you tell your story by posting pictures. This is a more artful and effective way of telling the story of your business. 


Find Your Community

In today’s highly competitive and saturated world, a budding business will always need to find its community to survive. However, you cannot sell to everyone.

You need to find your loyal and passionate customer community. Instagram is the best platform to find and engage with such communities.


Competitive Edge

Any company that does not use social media marketing is lagging behind its competitors. So, if you haven't already started using Instagram to market your business, you're already behind.

Moreover, when you get on the platform, you can analyze the strategies your competitors are implementing to promote their brands and use that as inspiration for your own strategies.


Relate More With Customers

Unlike a celebrity (or any person), a brand does not have a face. So, it is quite difficult to relate to people when you are a faceless business. Here, Instagram can be the perfect solution. When you're regularly and strategically posting relevant content on the platform, your brand becomes more of a human entity to people.

Regularly posting pictures, Instagram live question and answer sessions, videos, and other content are very helpful in building up a relationship with Instagram users. This relationship will eventually convert users into potential customers.


Strategies To Build A Successful Business On Instagram

Promoting your dropshipping business on Instagram is all about using the right strategies. If you can do these correctly, you can easily start earning 10k a month from your business just through Instagram marketing alone.


Define Your Niche

In any kind of social media marketing, defining your ‘niche’ is the first step. Otherwise, you might be posting content for years and not see any kind of engagement. This is more true, in the case of Instagram. As you are telling your story through pictures, you cannot make a point if you post randomly.

‘Niche’ means a more specific sector in an already specified sector. It is the reason for people to regularly follow your account. Niche is the opposite of randomness. When you have a ‘niche’, people can take only one look at your profile and understand what your Instagram profile (aka your business) is all about.

When defining your niche, always find something that you are passionate about. Otherwise, it will be difficult to come up with engaging content regularly. Your niche should be something that kindles interest in yourself; something that you will work on even if you don’t make any money from it immediately.


Convert To A Business Profile

When you are using your Instagram profile to promote your dropshipping business, it’s only reasonable to have a ‘Business Profile’. Having a business profile speaks of your professionalism and helps potential customers take you seriously.

Creating an Instagram Business Account is very easy. First, head to the settings option. Click ‘Switch to Business Profile’. That is pretty much all you have to do. Instagram will lead you through the rest.

A business profile comes with many benefits. There are many ‘call-to-action' buttons with this profile option. Clicking on a contact button can easily get a customer in touch with you directly from the Instagram page. This will greatly enhance the conversion rates.

There are many other perks of an Instagram business profile. You can create Instagram ads to promote your business and use the analytics tools from Instagram to track the progress of your business. All of these tools will help you understand and engage with your customers more effectively. 


Create Engaging Content 

The only thing that brings people to your profile and makes them come back again is the content. You have to create engaging, unique, and shareable content. There is no compromise here. Your content should be strictly relevant to your business niche. And you have to post regularly.

To get inspiration, check out the other Instagram profiles in your niche. The Instagram content that generally gets a lot of traffic is lifestyle-related content. Post something that people who are not even interested in your niche will find helpful. Push your product photos in between these pieces of content.

Consider hiring a content creator if you want to make $10,000 or more per month from your Instagram account without having to do it all yourself. You can hire someone part-time, full-time, or you might find a content creator on freelancing sites. This is very important because coming up with unique content regularly on your own can be very difficult.


Interactive Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags start trends on social media. They are actually a form of free advertising. If you get lucky with one unique hashtag, you might be able to establish your business overnight. Many big companies have used Instagram hashtags to further their business. Such as Coca Cola’s, #ShareACoke or Red Bull’s, #itgivesyouwings.

When users pick up your hashtag and use it with their posts, they are essentially branding your company for free. The main trick is to use hashtags that are not too broad. For example, hashtags like ‘fitness’ ‘shoes’ ‘beauty’ are used by thousands of people every minute. So, you can’t expect anything special from using them.

Use hashtags that are not used by too many people. Plus, try to come up with your own unique hashtags. Try to start a trend. When using hashtags, you should aim to end up in the ‘Top’ category. So, more people will see it and eventually know about your business. Go through an initial phase of trial-n-error to find what works for you.


Increase Engagement With Your Followers

The followers of your Instagram business profile are the potential customers for your dropshipping business. Most of the sales you will get from Instagram will come from these people. Therefore, it is very important that you give them all of your attention. Make sure they always keep coming back for more.

The simplest strategy to sustain user engagement on your profile is to post regularly. This means you have to upload worthy content every day. The hour of the day is also an important factor. Post when most of the users are online by digging into your analytics and taking note of what days and times your audience is the most active. Re-post your popular content at regular intervals.

Using call-to-action on your posts will increase engagement and conversion rates. People on the internet mainly operate on instincts. So, if something looks like it is just one click away, people are more likely to engage with it. Also, use popular and trending hashtags with your posts to attract users’ attention. 


Take Advantage of Instagram’s Free Marketing Tools

Instagram ‘Insights’ is one of the best free business analytics tools on the internet. You cannot direct a social media marketing campaign down the right path if you do not know exactly how the users are interacting with your content. So, learning to use Instagram marketing tools is a must.

Insights can provide you with a variety of important information. You can learn about impressions, engagement data, and other statistics with the help of these tools. Know the age, gender, location, and other demographics of your followers. It will help you understand at which hour your followers are most active.

This information is extremely helpful in content creation. When you know specifically what kind of posts your followers are responding to the most, you can focus more on that kind of content. The more you understand these interactions, the more engaging your uploads will become.


Run Paid Ads On Instagram and Facebook

Paid ads can help you quickly build a following and draw traffic to your website if you are willing to spend a bit of money. Since Facebook now owns Instagram, running Facebook ads means that they will also be displayed on Instagram! These ads let you showcase your top content and products to people beyond the followers of your profile.

When creating an ad on Instagram, you can set an ‘ad budget’ to determine exactly how much is going to be spent on the ad. You can opt to show just one ‘sponsored ad’ or multiple advertisements using the carousel feature. Start with $5/day and slowly scale (meaning push more money into the ads that you see working) as you go.

You can create a unique ad or you can convert your post to an ad. Always use the top performing and the most popular posts when it comes paid ads. Use content that has already appealed to your target demographic.

These ads let you reach a wider audience on Instagram that was not possible before. You can market your products and content to anyone that fits the criteria of your target audience, even if that person is not one of your followers. The smart and creative use of paid ads is very important for Instagram marketing success.


Influencer Marketing 

It won’t be an overstatement to say that social media influencers are having a stronger impact on our society compared to any other celebrity or politician. Among them, Instagram influencers have the most profound effect.

A marketing campaign on Instagram cannot be taken seriously if it doesn’t use Influencer Marketing. It essentially means partnering up with an Instagram influencer to promote your business.

Instagram is mainly run by its influencers. These are the people who have a hundred thousand to even millions of followers. Most of their posts, pics, and contents spread out like wildfire through the internet.

Although these celebrities are not like ‘business profiles’ with specific agendas, most of them do have a certain category which is almost like a niche. For example, the Instagram following of a female supermodel and a famous male football player will differ significantly.

When you are implementing influencer marketing strategies, keep two things in mind. Firstly, you have to find an influencer who is in your niche. Secondly, you need to build a lasting relationship with the influencer.

If an Instagram Influencer takes a liking to your brand and promotes it on their page (posting pics or videos of them using your product), it can do wonders for your business. You can reach more people in your niche than you have with all the ads and content strategies so far.

Aside from all of this, learning from someone who has already figured it out is the best way to clear your confusion about any subject. The Fempreneur Agency’s Instagram Marketing 101 shows you, step by step, how to be successful marketing your business on Instagram!



The success of promoting a dropshipping business through Instagram depends on the right strategy. Going from zero to 10k a month is very much possible if you implement the proper content creation techniques, influencer marketing, and learn the use of Instagram marketing tools.

As always – we wish you the best of luck!

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