Our CEO wanted to start selling items online but didn’t have the funds to purchase inventory, like many women who find themselves wanting to start a business, so when she learned that Dropshipping allowed her to skip that part she dove right in!


With her last $100 she launched a custom jewelry brand, dropshipped the items, and managed to build the business up to 10K+ a month. But don’t get this story twisted - it was not easy!


While working her 9 to 5 she had to learn how to build and design a store that attracts sales, create and execute marketing strategies that work and find reliable suppliers with quality products that also ship fast. It wasn’t easy but she managed to become and maintain her success in selling products online. When other women started asking “how can I do that too?”, The Fempreneur Agency was born!


The Mission

Our team wakes up everyday with one mission and that is to help ambitious, millennial women boss up and get paid! Because we know that:

  • Living paycheck to paycheck is NOT normal
  • Hating everyday of the week except for Saturday and Sunday is NOT normal
  • Spending 8 hours of your day in a cubicle, under terrible fluorescent lighting is NOT normal

What is normal? Being able to control your TIME. Deciding where and when you work and for how long.

We are here to help our clients start and grow online businesses - the right way! There is a lot of misinformation out there and many women do not have the help they need to get started and that’s where our team comes in.

We are so proud of being able to help launch over 3K female owned businesses and you better believe we are not done yet.

Our goal is to launch 10K female owned businesses and thanks to our amazing clients we are on the way to achieving that goal!

Come learn more about us and how we can help you start and grow in e-commerce!

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