Are you interested in Dropshipping but aren't sure about how the process works?

Have you had your eye on one of our Prebuilt Businesses but need more information? You've come to the right place!

Here you will find a short breakdown on exactly what Dropshipping is, how the process works and how you can get started with our Prebuilt Businesses. We know you're busy so let's get right into it.


So What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a shipping method used by online businesses that allows you to sell products without having to spend thousands of dollars on physical inventory. It’s a very low risk and beginner friendly which makes it a great way for new entrepreneurs to start an online business.

Once your business is making a profit, you can buy your best selling inventory and simply remove items that are not selling.

Here is the Dropshipping process step by step:

  1.  You decide on a niche to sell in (hair, fitness, etc)
  2.  You then find a reliable supplier with the products you need who can ship and deliver the items fast to your customer. Preferably, the supplier should be shipping items from the USA.
  3.  Once a supplier and products are secured, create your Shopify store and list the supplier's items (you can use their product photos or order samples to take your own photos/videos)
  4.  With your store created, you can now begin marketing your store through social media (IG, FB, Tiktok, etc)
  5.  You've made a sale! Now it's time to ship your customer's order
  6.  Send the order information to your supplier and pay your supplier's shipping fee. This can be done manually or automated.
  7.  Deposit your profit from the sale(s) made and repeat steps 5-7!

Quick Example: Let's say you want to sell necklaces and the supplier you found charges $10 per necklace. You list the necklace on your store and mark up the price between $40-$60. When someone places an order, you give the supplier their $10 along with the customers shipping information and keep the $30-$50 profit you made!

Most of our clients are beginners who are already making an extra 2K-5K a month so there's no reason you can't do the same as long as you put in the work.

What Are The Start Up Costs?

  • $39/month Shopify Subscription
  • Monthly Marketing Budget (chosen by you)
  • Supplier Shipping Fees (if any)
  • Shopify App Fees (if any)
  • Product Samples (varies)

Okay. But How Do I Market My Business Successfully?

It's not as hard you think! Most people over complicate it and don't give it enough time to work for them.

Social media is your best bet for attracting eyes to your store but don't expect it to work overnight. Market your business daily on platforms your ideal customer uses such as Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Running paid ads will help you get eyes on your products much faster along with consistently posting content that shows them why they need your products.

Keep the 7x Rule in mind: A potential customer needs to see your ads at least 7x before they make a purchase. Some people may buy from you on impulse, but not all.

The first time someone visits your store they may not trust you right away and that's okay! It's part of the process and why you need to be marketing your business consistently as well as utilizing Email and SMS marketing tools.

Marketing is just like dating. You would never say yes to someone who asked you to get married on a first date right? It's the same way with your customers.

Run paid ads and post creative content on social media to get eyes on your products. Re-target that traffic (you can do this with Facebook ads) to bring them back to your store to make a purchase.

A small discount and free shipping can go a long way with helping to bring in sales.

Well How Do The Prebuilt Businesses Work?

Glad you asked. Our Prebuilt Businesses are automated, branded and fully done for you Shopify Dropshipping Businesses. We build brand new Shopify stores and hand them right over to you! The businesses we build are 100% owned and operated by you.

Our experienced team does the time consuming work of:

  • Branding your store professionally (you can even choose your business name + aesthetic!)
  • Performing product research to find profitable and trending products that are already selling
  • Sourcing reliable suppliers who ship quickly from warehouses located in the USA
  • Connecting suppliers directly to your store
  • Importing products into your store
  • Importing and placing customer reviews directly from the supplier
  • Including benefit focused product descriptions to entice your customers to add items to their carts

So you can focus on launching and marketing your new business!

All Prebuilt Businesses have a turnaround time of 7 to 10 business days (may be extended during high order periods).

What Is Included With Each Prebuilt Business?

  • Professional branding
  • Full & permanent ownership of your store
  • Lifetime support provided by Shopify
  • Ability to grow and sell business at higher price
  • 20 Profitable and trending products that are already selling
  • Reliable suppliers who ship quickly from the USA
  • Suppliers directly connected to your store
  • Customer reviews (directly from the supplier)
  • Option to choose your own business name
  • Custom made logo
  • Product photos (directly from the supplier)
  • Benefit focused product descriptions to entice your customers to add items to their carts
  • Shopify Beginner's Guide
  • Access to our Facebook Ads Marketing Specialist!
  • Pre-Launch Checklist
  • Marketing Guide (how to run paid ads and more!)
  • Ownership Package (videos and guides on marketing + attracting traffic and sales)


How Do I Get Started With A Prebuilt Business?

It's easy! Here is the process for getting started with and receiving your Prebuilt Business:

Step 1 - Browse our available Prebuilt Businesses and purchase the one that you are most interested in. We only offer the most profitable niches so any of them will be a great choice.

Step 2 - Once we receive your order you will receive an email advising you of your store's due date as well as what steps you can take while waiting to receive ownership of your business.

Step 3 - Once your store is ready we will notify you via email that your business has been completed. You will also receive a Shopify Staff Account Invite that includes a link you can use to create your new account. Instructions on how to set up the account will be given to you as well. Please be advised that we do not work with Shopify stores previously created by you or anyone else.

Step 4 - Once your account has been created we will transfer ownership of your store so that you can become the full and permanent owner. Along with that you will receive an Ownership Package which includes a Shopify Beginner's Guide, launch tips and mini video tutorial to show you how to navigate your store, how to market your store, attract traffic and sales, add products, change your store theme and more!


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